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Better with Daffnee

Sep 21, 2020

We are AWFUL at taking compliments...WHYY. Yes I'm generalizing. Almost everyone I speak to agrees. It's time for a change folks. 

Not accepting a compliment makes us look like we lack strength, confidence and sass and WE DO NOT. Don't beat around the bush. Just accept it and move the f*** on. 

Sep 14, 2020

Don't get mad! We're all a little high maintenance. But I promise you if you can accept this, you can change it, and you can really get on top of your goals. 

Do less to do more...

Sep 7, 2020

The problems we face can be STRESSFUL. Debilitating. Scary. Alarming. You name it. But what if we totally conquered those problems before they were resolved? Listen...